Transforming Your Relationship with Your Body,
Health, and Community

by Pierre Morin, MD, PhD


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Health / Psychology
238 Pages, 6 x 9
Formats: Trade Paper, PDF, EPUB,
Kindle / Mobipocket
Retail Price: US $17.95 (CA $21.95)
ISBN 978-0-9998094-4-0 (paper)
Distributor: IPG / SPU
Publication Date: Sept 2019

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Big Medicine is a guide for anyone who is interested in health and healing…

including “patients,” providers, and caregivers who want to uncover the deeper meaning of physical symptoms and build a new relationship with their bodies. Author Pierre Morin, MD, PhD, revolutionizes the field of medicine by explaining the body’s manifestations as a Process—one that is neither bad nor good, neither “sick” nor “healthy.” Dr. Morin explores how, through our body’s innate intelligence, we can gain creative and spiritual insights that help us appreciate our inner diversity and understand our most profound selves. These powerful discoveries will not only stimulate our own personal healing—they can also inspire us to foster community, systemic, and social change.


Praise for Big Medicine

Big Medicine is a must-read for everyone . . . who is interested in deepening
the health and healing of individuals and communities.”
—ARNOLD MINDELL, PhD, author of Quantum Mind and Healingand The Leader’s 2nd Training

“After reading Big Medicine, you may never think of health in the same way, and you will likely be healthier than ever before.”
—LARRY DOSSEY, MD, author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“I recommend Big Medicine for anyone aspiring to lead a meaningful life.”

Photo: Katie Dessin Photography

Photo: Katie Dessin Photography

Pierre Morin, MD, PhD, directs an outpatient mental health clinic serving refugees and trauma survivors in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Morin began his career in his native Switzerland as a physician working in the fields of brain injury recovery and psychosocial medicine. Author of Health in Sickness, Sickness in Health, he leads training sessions on Big Medicine concepts internationally.